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Approval for the European Packaging Institute

Reaching beyond the circle of experts, the foundation of the European Packaging Institute (EPI) gained attention and met with general approval. During their participation in 20 international courses organised and carried out by the German Packaging Institute (Deutsches Verpackungsinstitut e. V. (DVI) and the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Leipzig together with the Duales System Deutschland AG (DSD AG) and other partners, the foundation of the institute was welcomed by packaging experts as well as leading scientists and managers. At the same time by statements made during the courses, the participants argued in favour of the inclusion of the representatives of their countries into the systematic co-operation between the European Packaging Institutes and Associations.
The special courses for university professors from 6 countries, which took place in summer 2001, particularly underlined the meaning of European co-operation as far as the development of professorships in the field of packaging is concerned, as well as the need for lectures on basic knowledge and special fields of packaging in technical and economical studies.
16 countries have already expressed their approval for the tasks and targets which have been laid down in the statutes of the EPI.
During 2001, 9 institutes and associations have already confirmed the membership of the EPI. 20 countries have already requested the Institute's first newsletter which was published in English and German under the title of "Reports, News, Notifications".


International Symposium on "Commodity Science in Global Quality Perspective"

From 2nd to 8th of September, the International Society of Commodity Science and Technology (IGWT) carried out it's 13th symposium on commodity science and technology at the University of Maribor, Slovenia. The conference's committee put seven complex topics on the general agenda "Global prospects of commodity science - products, technology, quality and environment". Apart from key and general technologies, the general aspects of quality and quality management and questions concerning sustainable development and environmental management, as well as those relating to packaging were specially focussed. At the symposium, the German and European Packaging Institutes were represented by Prof. Dr. Dr. G. Grundke (Leipzig), who was also a member of the international committee and had lectured on "The Packaging of the Future and the Role of the Commodity Science Global prospects of commodity science and the role of the commodity science" at the first plenary session.
As a result of the re-election of the committee, held during the symposium, Prof. Dr. Dr. Grundke form the German Packaging Institute e.V., Prof. Dr. F. Lox, President of the Belgian Packaging Institute and assistant professor Dr. M. Skrzypek from the Faculty for Commodity Science of the Academy of Economics of Krakau now belong to the superior body of the society as corresponding members.
The conference documents are available at the Section Leipzig of the German Packaging Institute in two volumes (1466 pages in total).


Circulation of packages as the theme of lectures

Among others, the possibility of integration of the basics of the recycling economy as well as current questions on the circulation of packages into academic teaching and especially the subject areas of natural sciences, economics and technical sciences represented one of the most important subjects of discussion during the course on the topic "Quality of the packaging - New demands on packaging and environment". The course was held from 9th to 13th of July at the Leadership Academy of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Leipzig. Together with the Section Leipzig of the German Packaging Institute and DSD, the Chamber of Industry and Commerce invited 20 professors, academic and assistant professors and lecturers from Bulgaria, Poland and Romania to take part in this course. Being the 4th of its kind organised by the German Packaging Institute and DSD for university teachers, the course was intended to present scientific findings and practical experiences concerning the circulation of packages and to convey ideas for lectures and seminars.
During the course, the participants expressed themselves in favour of the continuation of the international exchange. In a statement made on the completion of the course, the participants also welcomed the foundation and official registration of the European Packaging Institute. The participants emphasised in their statement that they expected the Institute to develop a systematic co-operation between the packaging experts which should also incorporate representatives of their respective home countries.
Throughout the course, the representatives of the three countries reported on the progress in the field of packaging in their countries since the introduction of the market economy as well as, on the problems which came to light during the development of the recycling economy under the new conditions. The report emphasised in particular the progress in package design and in the field of collection, sorting and recycling of used packages.


ITC 30 Years in the Service of Packaging Industry

Meanwhile, the Export Packaging Service of the International Trade Centre of the United Nations (ITC) can look back on the last successful 30 years. ICS's Export Packaging Service was established in the International Trade Centre in Geneva to support developing countries. The purpose was to provide developing countries with a practical aid for the development of transport packages for export purposes as a precondition for the export of their goods to the industrialised countries. To this end, it was planned to publish information and guidelines concerning important questions on packaging and labelling.
As results of these 30 years, 50 notifications on the requirements for export packages, 56 editions on technical and commercial information relating to special topics published as Packdata Factsheets and 13 monographs as well as three series of slides for teaching purposes, are available amongst others.
Address of the Export Packaging Service: Export Packaging, Functional Advisory Services Section, Division of Trade Support Services, International Trade Centre UNCTAD/WTO, Palais des Nations, CH-1211 Geneva 10, Switzerland, Fax (+4222) 7300576, E-mail: packaging@intracent.org.


Privatisation of the Bulgarian Packaging Institute

The Bulgarian Packaging Institute Sofia which is generally known as NIERA Centre has been privatised. The press group Monitor holds a 75% majority of shares in the now established NIERA Centre AG. Its former proprietor, the Republic of Bulgaria, still holds a 25% share.
The work areas of the newly established public limited company notified to the German Packaging Institute are: Research and development in the packaging sector with special consideration to packaging processes, standardisation and testing of packaging materials, informational and advisory activity and publishing activity in the packaging sector. Being a co-founder of the national Academy for Packaging, the Centre will also commit itself to questions relating to education.
The main emphasis will be on environmental aspects of packaging.
Since 2001, the NIERA Centre has been publishing the technical journal "Packaging and Design" which offers information on the scientific, technical and economical progress of the packaging industry in Bulgaria as well as abroad.
Address: Centre NIERA AG, Blvd. Dragan Zankow 37, 1797 Sofia, Bulgaria.


DVI information via fax call

Recent months showed a growing demand for information from the German Packaging Institute (Deutsches Verpackungsinstitut e. V. DVI). The notification of special demand comprehended information from Section Leipzig of the German Packaging Institute which periodically reports on important intentions and work results and at the same time drawing attention to important regulations and their application is especially demanded. The information is intended for members and friends of the German Packaging Institute and is being published for the 7th year in 2001.
Currently, 26 editions are available with more than 215 articles. Up to now, the editions have been available by post or the Internet. The Chamber of Industry and Commerce Leipzig set up a fax call service starting with edition 2/2001 to provide the respective current edition to all persons interested. From now on, the respectively most recent edition of the newsletter from Section Leipzig of the German Packaging Institute may be obtained by fax call 0049/(0)341/ 217 383-328.
Furthermore and additionally, the common offices of the German Packaging Institute (DVI) and of the Association of German Packaging Engineers (BDVI) globally offer the newsletter of Section Leipzig via the Internet at the address http://www.verpackung.org.


New edition of the anthologies on packaging services and damage prevention

Due to the strong demand for the results of the packaging seminars with information about research work and services for the packaging economy as well as about progress in the fields of damage research and prevention, Section Leipzig of the German Packaging Institute was triggered to revise the anthologies which had been published about these seminars.
All parts of the anthology about the 18th Packaging Seminar in Leipzig which targeted the topic "Research work and services for the packaging industry in the Free State of Saxony - possibilities, problems, benefits", were expanded upon. The new contributions to the first part comprise the lectures "Simplified control with new indicator labels of temperature sensitive products", "Theory on the development of service offers in the packaging sector" as well as a report on the course and the results of the seminar.
The contribution "An important step for the development of the packaging industry in Europe - about targets and tasks of the European Packaging Institute" being part of the seminar documentation, was supplemented with the reprint of the Statutes of the European Packaging Institute. Furthermore, a preview for the new Leipzig Packaging Fair in May 2003 was incorporated (title: New Leipzig Packaging Fair CONVERPACK).
The revision of the anthology on the 14th Leipzig Packaging Seminar is even more comprehensive, dealing with the advances in damage research and damage prevention. The revision was published as the 3rd edition. A survey on important terms of damage research and their definitions is new in this edition.
The second part contains, amongst others, the contributions "Advances in the identification of damage causes and in the evaluation of damages in practice", "New legal regulations and standards", "Current questions on the revision of the European Packaging Directive", "New demands for packages", "RAL quality labels for packaging materials, packages, pallets and containers" as well as "10 Years of German Packaging Institute", and "The German Packaging Institute and the Site of Section Leipzig".
The anthologies may be requested from the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Leipzig, Department for Promotion of Economic Development, P.O. Box 770, 0491 Leipzig, phone (0341) 1267-1322 for a protection fee of EUR 10,00.


Governmental Regulation on the Collection, Sorting and Recycling of Used Packages in the Ukraine

A fee system will be introduced in the Ukraine for the collection, sorting and recycling of used packages. This is projected by the resolution of the Cabinet of the Ukraine on the use of the collection, sorting, transport, processing and recycling system of waste as secondary resource (Regulation 915, 26th July 2001). The regulation is the first step towards the introduction of the recycling economy in the Ukraine. The fees fixed by the government depend upon the type of packaging materials.
Between 2001 and 2002, at least 5 percent of used packages are to be recycled. This will be increased to 10 percent in 2003, to 15 percent in 2004 and to 20 percent in 2005. Those companies, organisations and authorities using packaging may collect, sort and recycle on an independent basis or make use of the company "Ukrekomresurs" as a service provider. This obligation excludes export goods, bread, cakes and pastries, milk and auxiliary goods of any kind.
According to this instruction the standards for the identification of packaging materials must be worked out by 1st December.


1st International Specialised Exhibition for Glass Packages

The first specialised exhibition for glass packages will take place in Moscow in February 2002. This exhibition is sponsored by the Russian technical journal "TARA i UPAKOWKA" (Tara and Packaging) and takes place from the 19th to the 23rd of February 2002. The exhibition is titled "STEKLOTARA -2002" (Glass package - 2002) with the subtitle "Presence and Future".
The exhibition program ranges from package design via technology to the actual offer for glass packaging means. The exhibition aims are the promotion of the use of glass packaging and the exchange between the packaging manufacturers of these packaging materials and the users. The exhibition will also consider raw materials and recycled materials, equipment for the fabrication of packaging for beverages and other foodstuff as well as packaging for perfumes, cosmetics, pharmaceutical products and for industrial applications.
For detailed information, please consult the editorial staff from "TARA i UPAKOWKA". Address: 18, Sadovaya-Spasskaya, 107807 Moscow, Russia.