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Regulations and restricted substance lists (RSLs) indicate what not to use in packaging, but what should companies use instead?  Without robust, comprehensive data, everyone in the value chain is vulnerable to regrettable substitutions.  To accelerate adoption of safer chemistry and improved feedstocks for circularity, CleanPackage was created as a registry of assessed and verified materials by trade name.  CleanPackage is a project of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition created in partnership with ChemFORWARD, with the goal to accelerate the availability and adoption of safer alternative building block materials for packaging.

A safer alternative will meet the user’s requirements, while also meeting the following criteria:

  • All intentionally-added components and residuals or contaminants present above a trace level are disclosed to a trusted third party assessor
  • Comprehensive human health and environmental toxicity and fate data is available for all ingredients
  • Human health and environmental hazards are low

Submitting Materials

CleanPackage lists materials for a variety of packaging applications, initially focusing on but not limited to PFAS alternatives and plastic additives. To be eligible for listing, trade name materials must meet the criteria of approved third party programs that include rigorous disclosure and assessment requirements. These include:

Suppliers can submit qualified materials meeting the above criteria for listing, and all SPC members can use CleanPackage to identify safer alternative packaging materials.


How to submit a material for listing:

  1. Prior to submitting your product, please make sure it has been assessed through one of the following programs: ChemFORWARD SAFER, GreenScreen Certified for Food Service Ware (gold or higher), or Cradle to Cradle (product certification or material health certificate, gold or higher).
  2. Fill out the submission form below
  3. SPC staff will review your submission to verify eligibility, and will contact you for additional details if required.

In Partnership with ChemFORWARD


ChemFORWARD is an independent project of the Healthy Building Network (HBN), a 501c3 based in Washington, DC, dedicated to cost-effective, verified, actionable chemical hazard data to enable proactive decision making throughout the supply chain and across industry sectors.

To accelerate adoption of safer chemistry and improved feedstocks for circularity, ChemFORWARD created the SAFER designation for building block-materials that have been assessed and verified by trade name, and partnered with SPC to scale the availability of safer inputs for circular systems. We are proud to be collaborating with ChemFORWARD on CleanPackage in an effort to accelerate the availability of safe and circular building block materials for packaging.


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Elizabeth Ritch

Elizabeth Ritch

Senior Manager, RMS, CleanGredients and CleanPackage, GreenBlue

To learn more about CleanPackage and how it supports the use of safe and circular packaging materials, contact Elizabeth!