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About Innovation

Some problems can only be solved using entirely new strategies. With our members, we explore alternative ways to approach the package/product system. This includes deploying reusable packaging and how businesses can create new models to deliver products and engage customers. We also encourage companies to explore opportunities for bio-based and compostable materials to be successfully incorporated into packaging.

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Discussing reusable packaging fundamentals and challenges, while identifying opportunities where reusable packaging fits in the sustainable packaging space.

Compostable Packaging Collaborative

Sharing knowledge and best practices on labeling and composting infrastructure for compostable packaging, including both fiber products and compostable bioplastics.

Featured Resources

Curated Guides, Case Studies, 101s, and Position Statements publicly available to support your sustainability journey

Can Packaging Help Divert Restaurant Food Waste?

Case studies of two quick-service restaurant (QSR) chains in Vermont & New York

Position Statement:

“Biodegradable” Packaging

Position Statement:

Degradability Additives in Petroleum-Based Plastics

Guidance for Reusable Packaging

Understanding goals and assumptions in order to design a more successful reusable packaging program


Helping brands prevent problems down the road by evaluating which applications are the best fit for compostable packaging


Addressing the barriers facing compostable packaging and the solutions needed and outlining the organizations working to address and ultimately overcome these barriers

Composting Maps: U.S. Facilities

Mapping composting Infrastructure and supporting legislation

Composting Maps: Urban Access

Interactive maps and charts of municipally-run and privately-run composting programs developed to better understand residential access to composting programs in urban areas of the US

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Tackling Packaging Waste

Essential Collaboration and Coordinated Innovation

Can Paper Packaging Innovations Be Recycled?

New Paper Packaging Recyclability Test from Cepi Can Help

Overcoming Challenges of Qualifying Innovations in Recycling Stream

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Olga Kachook

Director, Sustainable Packaging Coalition, GreenBlue

We’re keeping a close eye on the latest in reusable and refillable packaging and innovative biomaterials – contact Olga to get involved!