INNOVATION IN Responsible Sourcing

Airwave PaperWave – air cushions made from recycled paper


What it is: PaperWave Bio are FSC® (C162510) certified air cushion chains and mats made from 100% recycled paper. PaperWave consists of a composite of recycled paper and a thin home compostable sealing layer made of potato starch blend. The ultra-thin home compostable sealing layer does not negatively affect recyclability. The packaging consists of 5% material and 95% air.

Why it matters: Because the air cushions are produced directly at the packing station, additional energy expenditure and CO2 emissions are already saved during transport. PaperWave Bio can be disposed of in the organic waste or paper bin. When disposing of it, the consumer is able to recognize that it is paper, the product also bears the RESY mark, as well as the sorting symbol 22PAP. In addition, the product has been certified by the Paper Technology Foundation in Munich (PTS) as recyclable.